Dr. Inderjit Kaur is practicing Ayurveda. She is into service of humanity since 1995, treated lot of ailing persons and children. Her diagnosis is based on feeling the Rhythm of the pulse and examination of the body by Ten fold examination as described in Ayurveda. This examination includes knowing the effects of place ( DESH / KAAL ) you are living in. Dr. inderjit has gone in minute detail to learn how they affect our body, for that she learnt the Vedic Science Vastu which deals with the affect of place on our body we are living in and Kaal that is timmings or the seasons and the movements of planets affecting the Universe.

How everything affect our mind and body and create imbalance of Dosha (TRIDOSH: Vat, Pit, Kaph) and disease. Learning to live in harmony with the nature and balancing the tridosha is the perfect treatment.

This site is developed to help the people who cannot reach Dr. inderjit kaur in person, but want to consult her. For that you can share your date of birth and time only. She has reached to the level of diagnosing a patient by looking at the date of birth provided. According to her our body is guided by MAINLY SEVEN CHAKRA and their blocking or over activation leads to diseases. Her vast research is knowing the status of your chakra. In your lifetime which of your Chakra will be blocked or underactive and at what time they are over active, accordingly one will be having problems related to that site.

All the formulations on the site are the research products which she has developed after serving so many patients. The glory is that all the products are prepared under her guidance only. She takes every pain to cure the ailing persons. Every product is effective and made with Pious intentions to give you result.


For consultation you can pay by paytm or gpay at 9814205533 or account No and send the screen shot at 9814205533., with the time suitable to you. Provide NAME, DATE AND TIME OF BIRTH.

You can read Detailed profile of dr. inderjit kaur at know your consultant at home page.