Dr. Inderjit Kaur is practicing Astro Ayurveda. She is into service of humanity since 1995, treated lot of ailing persons and children. Her diagnosis is based on feeling the Rhythm of the pulse and examination of the body by Ten fold examination as described in Ayurveda. After knowing the imbalance of Dosha (TRIDOSH: Vat, Pit, Kaph) in body the treatment is done accordingly. According to MAHARISHI CHARAK (DEFINITION OF A HEALER OR CHIKITSAK (Doctor)). तस्मात्शास्त्रेअर्थेविज्ञानेप्रवृतौकर्मदर्शने I भिषकचतुष्टयेयुक्तःप्राणाभिसरउजयते I I(चरकसूत्रस्थान९, ६) The physician who possess the four fold accomplishment consisting of theoretical knowledge , clear interpretation , right application and practical experience is to be regarded as the reclaimer of life . प्रयोगज्ञानविज्ञानंसिद्धिसिद्धाःसुखप्रदाः I जीवितभिसरास्तेस्युवैद्यत्वंतेष्ववस्थितम II Those who are accomplished in application, theory, knowledge of allied sciences and success of treatment , are the true healers and in them is the glory of the physician fully manifest.