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According to Puranas, when Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons) churned the ocean for Amrita (nectar of immortality), it was Lord Dhanvantari who came out of the ocean with a pot of Amrita. Lord dhanwantry is one of the fourteen rattans (JEWELS )which came out from sea during churning. Thus, Dhanvantari is clearly a lord who grants long life and immortality. Bhagavata Purana (2.7.21) calls Dhanvantari as God himself, who is a curer of diseases, who has imparted to the world the knowledge of long life i.e. Ayurveda.

 He is often represented as a God with four hands (similar to Vishnu) carrying Shankha (conch), Chakra (disc), leech, and a pot containing Amrita. Leeches play an important role in Ayurvedic treatment.

Therefore  Lord Dhanvantari represents twin aspects of curer of diseases and a granter of long life and immortality.

The amrita Lord Dhanwantri was carrying in the pot was Auspicious and Pious and was for the longevity of the Human Beings. Our Products are made with same intentions so named our products and site the Pious.  

Pious literally mean … dedicated, sacred, holy, spiritual and pure.

Here Are Some Videos which Gives More Clarity Regarding Ayurveda.

  1. https://youtu.be/2_VUjuswGcY

As the name suggests, Pious Ayurveda has been created to give every human being a healthy & pious body, free from internal and external impurities, so that you remain in harmony with yourself and eventually in harmony with the nature too.

Our main aim is to keep everyone in harmony with PANCHTATVA of nature i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and, Sky. According to Mahti Garvakranti Sharir Adhyay- 4 (Charak Samhita: Sharir Sthan), physical body come into existence when all the five elements (Tatva) unite with the Holy Spirit. According to Charak Samhita: “Every tatva (element) is responsible for different actions in the body, every tatva corresponds to these actions”.

AKASH TATVA (SKY): Shabad (Words), Shroto Indriya (Senses for Listening - Ears), Lagav (Lightness in Body), Shukshamta (Micro Level), Vivek (Discretion).

VAYAV TATVA (AIR): Sparsh (Touch), Sparshan Indriya (Senses for Feeling the Touch.. Skin), Rukshta (Dryness), Preran (Induction), Sharirak Cheshtayan (Activities of Body).

AGNI TATVA (FIRE): Roop (Form), Darshan Indriye (Senses for Seeing The Form – Eyes), Prakash (Light), Pak (Ripening), Ushanta (Hotness).

JALA TATVA: Ras (Juice), Rasanen Indrya (Senses for Feeling the Taste –Tongue), Shitta (Coldness), Mriduta (Soft Ness), Saneha (Moistness).

PRITHVI TATVA (EARTH): Gandh (Smell), Ghran Indriya (Senses for Feeling the Taste –Tongue), Gaurav (Heavyness), Sthirta (Stability), Kathorta (Hardness).

Sometimes we have to live in the circumstances which are not cordial for us and our body and are not positive. Then our body starts accumulating negativities inside and outside the body. Normal pH of the body is slightly alkaline, as our physical body grow we start consuming some foods which are not good or suitable to the Prakriti (Nature of our body, according to Ayurveda i.e. VAT, PIT & KAPH) of our body and are acidic in nature, they change the pH of our blood thus changing the constitution of our body, creating the disturbances in natural systems of our body and eventually cause different types of diseases.

Ayurveda is a science of life. Its main aim is to take care of health of the healthy person. It helps you to maintain your immunity so that your chances of getting sick are reduced.

Ayurveda’s second aim is to take care of disease of the ailing person.

“ Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshnam, Aaturasya vikaar prashamanam ch”

“ स्वस्थस्य स्वस्थ्य रक्षणं I

आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं II”

That is “To Protect the Health of Healthy People, So That Their Chances of Catching Infection Become Negligible and to Take Care of the Ailing Persons”.

We have combined products in such a way that one should remain healthy at Environmental, Physical, Mental and Emotional level. We have been manufacturing Ayurveda Products for last 28 years in our manufacturing facility at SHALEEN PHARMACEUTICALS.

We call our products PIOUS because they are made with pure intentions of giving everyone healthy life filled with full positivity. The products have been prepared after a lot of research on environment around us and results of studies conducted on patients. Most of the products are purely herbal and totally safe. We wish to give people unique products, with the help of which they can remain healthy and positive.

We have come up with our E-commerce website www.piousayurveda.com for convenience of people who are busy all day with their jobs and don’t have time to see their doctors. Here, we are providing online consultation facility also for the benefit of patients. Our main aim is to provide you supporting and rejuvenating therapies so that you don’t need to go to a doctor, along with giving you treatment for various problems.

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