Ayurvedic Winter Foot Care Tips

Ayurvedic Winter Foot Care Tips –  As the winters arrives people get into the regime of body care, which is necessary to protect our skin. Foot also requires special care during winters because of the cold and harsh air in winters affects the foot, heels very badly. All of this leads to the occurrence of cracks in the foot. So we will brief here some of the Ayurveda tips for foot care.

Ayurvedic winter foot care

The very simple trick to keep your foot protected and healthy is to keep them covered with the help of warm socks; it will not let the cold wind to affect the foot. Some people get affected from heels cracks very badly, they bleed and bear pain just because of cracks, applying the moisturizer daily on cracks is beneficial as it will soften the skin and the cracks will vanish own their own.

Ayurvedic Winter Foot Care Tips 2018

There are many natural tips which can protect your foot from the effect of winters, keep them covered is the major one and provide them proper nourishment is also mandatory. Many people spend lots of money to buy various costly skin care product but do not get much benefit. Do not worry! We have brought some of the ayurvedic winter foot care tips to keep your foot healthy and soft.

Use Baking Soda

Natural tips for foot care

Using baking soda for the foot is a simple natural remedy for a healthy foot. Add baking soda to warm water and soak your feet in that for about half an hour you can also add salt as well it will help to soften your skin and heals the cracks. Repeat this remedy daily or at least thrice a week for best results.

Feel the magic of banana

Banana, a tropical fruit with lots of benefits, it can cure the foot very smoothly. Banana has the goodness of iron which helps the tissues of cracked heels to get cured perfectly. There are many ways to use a banana for your foot but here is one of the remedy of banana for cracked heels.

Ayurveda tips for foot care in winters

  • Take a banana and ripe it smoothly.
  • Apply the paste of ripe banana on foot.
  • Keep it as it’s for 10-15 minutes.
  • Wash away the paste from the foot with warm water.
  • Repeat this remedy once or twice a week.

Experience the Wonder of Olive Oil

Natural foot care tips in winters

Olive oil is the most beneficial oil for foot protection; the olive oil nourishes the skin very well. You can dip a cotton ball of olive oil and apply it on the area which is affected by cold wind. Give a gentle massage to your foot daily with olive oil, and wear socks after applying olive oil and leave it overnight. It will leave you with soft and smooth heels.

Give your foot honey treat

Ayurveda winter foot care tips

Honey is the most useful and effective ingredient, it has the power to heal the affected skin softly. There are many profits of using honey it is one of the major ingredients in skin care stuff, with different terms of usage. Here is a simple tip of honey for the soft and healthy foot.

  • Take a bucket of warm water and add honey to it.
  • Soak the feet in it for half an hour.
  • Try and give the gentle massage to your feet.
  • Repeat it every day and enjoy happy winter foot.

Soak the feet in lukewarm water

Ayurveda winter foot care tips

Take some warm water and add sea salt in it and soak the foot in it for half an hour daily, it will work effectively on the foot and make soft day by day. After this apply moisturizer on cracked heels and wear soaks overnight and you will enjoy the soft healthy feet.


These are some natural ayurvedic tips which will definitely help you to enjoy soft, smooth and healthy foot in winters. Try these remedies this winter and experience the difference. Keep the foot covered and use some remedies; this will let you enjoy clean, healthy, crack-free foot.