Top Health Benefits Of Konch Beej

Top Health Benefits of Konch Beej – Mucuna pruriens, commonly known as Konch Beej has been in use since an eternity now for all the good reasons. It is helpful in treating a plethora of things ranging from Parkinson’s disease to infertility among men. Konch Beej is also known as the “herb for sexual weakness” because it shows excellent results when it comes to treating sexual disorders. Here we will let you know some of the best health benefits of Konch Beej.

Top Health Benefits Of Konch Beej

Konch Beej in Ayurveda is basically used to eliminate three doshas i.e. vata, pita and kapha. It has now become an important part of modern medicines as well. Regular consumption of Konch beej can result in stimulating the pituitary gland which helps to release hormones like testosterone among men.

What are the other native names of Konch Beej?

India is a diverse country especially when it comes to names and Konch Beej is no exception. Here, we have compiled the list of the other famous names of Konch Beej in different parts of the world.

  1. English Name – Cow itch, velvet beans, cowhage.
  2. Hindi Name – Kevanch, Kaunch.
  3. Tamil Name – Poonai Kaalivithu.
  4. Malayalam name – Naikorna.
  5. Kannada – Nausukunni.

The list of health benefits of Konch Beej (Mucuna pruriens)

Konch beej is basically a seed of Kapikacchu Herb which is majorly found in India, Australia, South Africa, and America. These seeds have always been used to treat ailments like impotency, sexual debility, infertility, aphrodisiac activities etc. till now. Scroll down to know the compiled advantages of using Konch Beej on a regular basis.

Konch Beej for Overall Sexual Wellness

Top Health Benefits Of Konch Beej

Sexual disorders have not remained uncommon in recent times because of visible reasons. The lifestyle people have adapted does not give them enough time to take good care of their health. This is eventually creating a negative impact not only on their overall health but majorly on their sexual activeness. But regular consumption of Konch beej can extensively treat a number of sexual ailments which are listed below.

  • Impotency.
  • Low libido.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Weak male reproductive system.

Konch Seeds for Treating Male Infertility

Top Health Benefits Of Konch Beej

These seeds are highly effective in treating male infertility problems by focusing on the better functioning of testicles and its link to the pituitary gland. Not only this, it helps in the healthy production of sperms and also protects them any kind of danger. Some of the nutritional ingredient that konch beej offer to the body for the healthy sperm production are listed below.

Konch Beej for Healthy Women Reproductive System

Top Health Benefits Of Konch Beej

Contrary to the common notion, Konch beej is extremely beneficial for improving women reproductive system as well. The regular use of this herb also helps in resolving problems such as low milk production. If you are a mother suffering from low milk production then relying on Konch beej use can result in positive benefits. Below mentioned are some of the other women problems that Konch Beej can easily treat.

  • Vaginal dryness.
  • Irregular menstrual problems.

Improves Brain Health

Top Health Benefits Of Konch Beej

Mental health is one of the most concerning issues these days because of the deteriorating lifestyle people have adapted. Even teenagers have started becoming a victim of these dreadful diseases. It is extremely beneficial for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Apart from this, below mentioned are some of the other mental health related issues that you can get away with the use of konch beej.

Are There Any Side-Effects of Konch Beej?

Top Health Benefits Of Konch Beej

These seeds do not have any harmful side effects if consumed in the right amounts. But if you are pregnant or have excess androgen syndrome then you should definitely avoid its use. Also, if you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, consumption of this should be under the supervision of a doctor.


Aforementioned are some of the best health advantages of consuming Konch beej on a regular basis. If your diet was lacking this super herb till now then do not worry, you can right away add it in any form possible. So, go ahead and make way for a healthy and fit life.

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