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I am Dr. Inderjit Kaur practicing Astro Ayurveda. I am into service of humanity since 1995, treated lot of ailing persons and children. Initially my diagnosis used to be based on the Rhythum of the pulse and examination of the body and knowing the movements of Dosha (TRIDOSH: Vat, Pit, Kaph) in body, whatever dosha is dominant or disturbed in the body and the treatment was based according to that only.

I worked to find out each and every possible reason responsible for the ailments, weather it is:-

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  • a. Physiological (Nijj)
  • b. Pathological (Agantuj)
  • c. Psychological (Manas rog)
  • d. Genetic (Aadi bal Pravriit)
  • e. Related to Environmental or home conditions (Kaal bal pravritt)
  • f. Congenital (Janam bal pravritt).
  • g. From the possession of god or demon (Daiv Bal Pravritt).

These all categories are mentioned in Ayurveda.

According to MAHARISHI CHARAK (DEFINITION OF A HEALER OR CHIKITSAK (Doctor))                                             

तस्मात्शास्त्रेअर्थेविज्ञानेप्रवृतौकर्मदर्शने  I

भिषकचतुष्टयेयुक्तःप्राणाभिसरउजयते I I(चरकसूत्रस्थान, )

The physician who possess the four fold accomplishment consisting of theoretical knowledge , clear interpretation , right application and practical experience is to be regarded as the reclaimer of life .

प्रयोगज्ञानविज्ञानंसिद्धिसिद्धाःसुखप्रदाः I

जीवितभिसरास्तेस्युवैद्यत्वंतेष्ववस्थितम II

Those who are accomplished in application, theory, knowledge of allied sciences and success of treatment , are the true healers  and in them is the glory of the physician fully manifest.

According to Maharishi Charak A perfect vaidya’s main aim is to bless his patients with health (Arogyam ) , so he should take help of every allied science while treating a patient . (As patient is most important for a healer)         

According to SHUSHRUTA (FATHER OF SURGERY)the patient doubts his parents , off springs  and even relatives , but has faith in the Doctor .He surrenders his body in the doctor hands and has no doubt about him/her . It is therefore a  Doctor’s duty to take care of his/her  patient and treat him/her as his/her own son .(Shushurata  samhita -25/43,44)

So we are always taught to take care of our Patients as parents....                                                                                                                         

I was worried about why some people take long time to get treated, why some patients are bed ridden for long periods, why they don’t get healthy early, why sometimes some patients  are miss - diagnosed or are miss - lead in treatments?For these patients suffering from chronic illness, I started to co relate....

How are the Aura or flora & positivity of patient’s house and, the positivity & will power of the patient himself?   How are the directions of his house affecting him? As everything surrounding us, affects us.

Here the environment, aura and vastu of the house matter a lot, as it goes on draining the energy of the patient and also the persons who take care of the patient.

So, I started treating my patients by combining all allied sciences of Vedas like:

I. ASTROLOGY (study of planets, how they are related with our body and diseases): Body parts are being influenced by the Nakshatras. The Planetary positions at birth clearly indicate the nature of the disease one would suffer from, when and how they would affect us and how best to alleviate them. The seven planets, i. e. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn possess dominion over the different organs of the human body parts, their peculiarities and constitution.             

Each planet also rules certain anatomical structures and certain diseases also.

II. VASTU (science of architecture of homes or working places)


IV. PSYCHOLOGY along with Ayurveda.

I started combining Knowledge of planets affecting our body and how we can treat them with help of herbs as the herbs have direct relations with the Planets, to give them better and quick results.

With help of these sciences I found great results and the duration of treatment of a patient is reduced to many fold and it helps in healing the patients with chronic (KRICHH SADHYA) diseases.

So my main motive is to bless you with good health by providing best treatment taking into consideration your problems and customize medicines according to your problems.


Dr. Inderjit Kaur


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Dr. Inderjeet Kaur

Dr. Inderjeet Kaur