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Packing: 100 ml in PET Bottle.

For Hot Fomentation.

Podiacare- H oil take care of your Nerve endings and keep them intact so that the Nervous supply to the feet do not get affected with age and all the sensations remain intact for long. It takes care of veins and Arteries so that the blood supply to that part do not get affected.

Composition :- Each 10 ml Podiacare-H Oil contains:

  • Saindhvadi Tail 2 ml
  • Erand Tail 1 ml
  • Nirgndi Tail 1 ml
  • Dashmool Tail 2 ml
  • Shushk Mooladi Tail2 ml
  • Gandhak Tail 1 ml
  • Neem Tail 1 ml

Properties Of Each Ingredient Tail :-

Saindhavadi Tail :- Useful in healing the minor cuts on the skin.

Erand Tail :- It lubricates the nerves, moisturises the skin and takes cares of the dryness of the feet.

Nirgundi Tail :- It tones up the nerves.

Dashmul Tail :- It cures the numbness of the feet, takes care of the nervous supply to the feet.

Shushmuladi Tail :- Takes care of the nervous supply to feet.

Gandhak Tail :- Heals the feet.

Neem Tail :- Heals the minor injuries of the foot.

Mode of Application :- Put 5 to 10 drops of Podia care- H oil in lukewarm water and keep your feet in that water for 10 to 15 minutes, then take your feet out of water, wipe them thoroughly with soft towels and especially in between the toes. Let them dry completely then massage them softly with Podiacare Oil, massage the feet for 5 to 10 minutes and then put on cotton socks. Feet will be soft the next morning. Do it daily.

Side Effects :- Podiacare- H Oil is a blend of natural oils; it has no side effect as topical application. Intolerance to odour may occur in hypersensitive patients. Consult physician if symptoms continue or become bothersome. If any other effect is noticed is noticed which is not listed above, contact physician or pharmacist.

Precautions :- Podiacare- H Oil is strictly for the topical use only.

Contraindications :- Avoid contact with eyes, lips and mucous membrane.


Customer Reviews

Good for diabetic patient Review by Sushant Singh
Really greatful product. Thanks for such product.
Awesome oil hai Review by Neha Sharna
Me iss product ko 5 Ratings dungi, bahut hi aacha product hai or iske results bhi khafi aache hain !!!!!
Keep proper blood flow on your feets Review by Astha Jaiswal
Really happy and i am greatful to this product for giving positive results.
Really impressive product Review by Vandy
one of the best thing about this product that it is 100% safe on use****
I love this Review by Rina
One of the best thing i have ever used !! Thanks!!

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