Top Health Benefits Of Gokhru

Top Health Benefits Of Gokhru – Tribulus terrestris, commonly known by several names worldwide, has been used in a plethora of various Ayurvedic medicines for centuries now. Its health benefits range from treating kidney problems to sexual problems in both men & women. Therefore if you are not aware of this effective herb, then here we have brought you the list of the top health benefits of Gokhru herb.


Top Health Benefits Of Gokhru

This wonder herb is not only an important part of Indian Ayurveda but is famous among Unani, Chinese medicines as well. Apart from an effective cure to a number of health problems, it can also be used as a general tonic for maintaining overall health.

The whole plant which is found in Australia, India, Africa, Southern Asia, and Southern Europe is of great use. Gokshura or Gokhru is an herbaceous tap-rooted perennial plant which grows in summer in colder climates.

Nutritional Value of Gokhru Herb

Regular intake of Gokhru herb do wonder on the overall health and this is because of the excellent nutritional value it is enriched with. Here we have compiled the important nutritional value of Gokhru per 100 gm servings.

  1. 9 grams carbohydrates.
  2. 3 grams protein.
  3. 40 Kcal of total energy.
  4. 52 grams of Fats.
  5. 2 grams Vitamin C.
  6. 59 grams of Calcium.
  7. 92 micrograms in total Flavonoids.

The list of Health benefits of Gokhru (Tribulus terrestris) for both men and women

Top Health Benefits Of Gokhru

Other names with which you can identify Gokhru herb includes Gokshura, Chhota Gokhru, Puncturevine, Devil’s weed. It has been in use for several ayurvedic practices for centuries now. Gokhru is still an important part of modern day medicines for the plethora of benefits it provides. We will be acknowledging you with the 5 surprising health benefits of Gokhru herb.

Gokhru for Bodybuilding

Top Health Benefits Of Gokhru

Considering all the harmful and side effects that steroids and other chemical supplements have on our bodies, it is high time that we stick to some natural resources. And when it comes to staying physically fit, there is nothing more effective than Gokhru herb. It is beneficial for bodybuilding because of the presence of required minerals that improves body composition as well as muscle strength.

Gokhru for Kidney Stones and Urinary diseases

Top Health Benefits Of Gokhru

Gokshura has extremely active diuretic activity. Regular intake of Gokhru herb can help in treating bladder problems and other several diuretic ailments. Apart from this, it has a great cleansing effect on the urinary bladder. This is because Gokhru has a lithotryptic activity which eventually helps in regulating the proper functioning of the urinary system.

Gokhru as An Aphrodisiac

Couples who are suffering from fertility problems can definitely rely on Gokshura to avail the best benefits of Gokhru. Regular consumption of Gokhru can help in treating various sexual ailments, we are enumerating some of them here.

  • It promotes ovulation in women and sperm production in men.
  • Gokhru intake not only helps in the production of sperms but also focuses on its quality and quantity.
  • It increases libido among both men and women.

Gokshura for Skin Problems

Top Health Benefits Of Gokhru

No amount of beauty product is capable of providing the required skin nourishment. But daily intake of Gokhru herb can assure you of cleansing the skin from within. Teenagers and young adults can rely on this wonder herb to treat and also prevent acne & breakouts on skin. In addition to this, Gokhru is also an excellent anti-aging herb.

Scroll down to know some of the other skin related problems that Gokhru can treat.

  1. Wounds.
  2. Hives.
  3. Hitches.
  4. Skin inflammations.
  5. Skin eruption.

Gokhru for Brain and Heart

Tribulus terrestris is best when it comes to bringing down the levels of cholesterol, lipids, and blood sugar levels in the body which in turn prevents from various heart ailments especially heart attacks. Gokhru consists of MOA inhibitors that regulate the level of serotonin in the brain. In order to know some of the brain-related benefits that Gokshura is capable of providing. scroll down here.

  • Helps in treating Parkinson’s disease.
  • Very helpful in Psychological imbalances.
  • Soothes Headaches.
  • Relives stress.
  • Prevents from depression.


Gokhru does not cause any serious kinds of side effects, but you should still take it under the supervision of an ayurvedic practitioner for best results. Breastfeeding women, children, and pregnant women should avoid Gokshura’s intake as it might have few implications. So, go ahead and introduce gokhru to your lifestyle.

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